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The videos below are from the Conversations That Matter Series that have already taken place.

Each conversation contains the key lessons we, Paul and Roger the Co-Founders of The Mindset Difference, have learnt on each topic. (Please note we haven't recorded the opening, closing  or breakout sessions to respect participants' privacy. Occasionally we will include a question from a participant if they are happy for us to do so.)


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Tuesday, 19th January

Conversation #4 - Making resilience the norm in uncertain times

Furlough schemes. Working from home. Social distancing. Economic uncertainty. These are uncertain times. Yet people can be remarkably resilient. Join us to explore what we and others in the group have discovered about resilience and agility, including how it comes and goes when facing a wide range of new and familiar challenges.


An open and honest conversation about the challenges people are facing. Thank you to all who participated. This video looks at what we've noticed about resilience and sometimes the lack of it. Often leaders think how they feel is down to the circumstances they find themselves in.  But what if we have an inbuilt mechanism to bounce back, feel better and more resourceful even if the situation hasn't changed?  Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, 15th December

Conversation #3 - Getting off the problem solving hamster wheel

You’re wondering how many more times you’ll have to face the same recurring problem. It seems clear the incremental improvements you’ve already implemented had a limited shelf life. You’re not alone, problems like poor communication, staff engagement, and too-busy-to-think-straight are widespread. Join us and the group to explore our experiences of interrupting that going-around-in-circles feeling.   


A great conversation, thank you to all who participated. This video looks at what we've noticed to be helpful when problems persist and teams seem to get stuck. Often leaders focus on behaviours and what they think people should be doing to break the log jam, but the benefits are often limited at best. We point to the role curiosity plays and how looking at the root cause of why people are behaving in a certain way can change the nature of the problem and the attitude of the team.

Tuesday, 24th November

Conversation #2 - Being collaborative, even when priorities clash

Your team members are at odds. They’re motivated by different priorities and ideas on the best way forward. Clarity of purpose eludes them. They know working together is important, but instinctively compete when discussing resources and solutions to problems. Join us and the group to explore our experiences of keeping collaboration centre-stage even when it’s in jeopardy. 


Another excellent conversation, thank you to all who participated. This video focuses on what we've noticed to be critically important when our natural capacity to collaborate comes under pressure. We share personal stories and reflections on both challenging and successful collaboration experiences we've had.

Tuesday, 3rd November

Conversation #1 - Making world-class team cultures a new norm

You’ve concluded a world-class team culture - that increases  confidence within a team and among those impacted by its work - seems difficult. Teams are inherently complex and involve too many open and hidden agendas. Conflicting interests are inevitable: that’s just the way it is. But what is a world-class culture and what starts it? Join us and other group members to explore what we’ve experienced in teams that consistently outperform expectations. 


This was an excellent conversation thank you to all who participated. The short Pecha-Kucha* video below contains the story of the questions involved in moving towards a world-class culture and why conversations are central to that. 

(* Pecha-Kucha devised by two Japanese architects and forces the presenter to convey their story on 20 slides each timed at 20 seconds as the antidote to 'death by PowerPoint!!'.        

Conversations That Matter


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