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Another Way: Introductory Online Programmes

This online introductory series of webinars invites you to consider one very important question: is there another way to increase clarity, make real breakthroughs and have greater wellbeing to underpin your success at work?

Why Another Way?


We’re living in unprecedented times in which life can seem complicated and uncertain more often than not. Sometimes it can feel hard to succeed from here.


Though useful, conventional approaches to resolving work-based challenges aren’t always sufficient. They may work temporarily but often leave people scratching their head wondering if…well…there’s another way.


We’ve studied this question at length. Our answer is yes there is and it’s based on four facts about how we humans tick that we often lose sight of:

  1. We have a capacity for new thinking that helps us break through challenges. 

  2. We can notice and free up hidden habits that often get in the way of the things we are striving for.  This makes changing how we show up to others easier and authentic.

  3. When we understand why others do the things they do, we are more accepting and resourceful.

  4. We already have qualities like curiosity, empathy, clarity and creativity that sometimes get obscured under pressure.  When we understand why it become easier to access them.

What are the benefits?

There are several but the main ones help you to:

  • ​Approach a variety of different problems from a fresh perspective.

  • Understand why people do what they do and respond more insightfully.

  • See why colleagues get you down on some days and not on others.

  • Discover why people hold on to habits that don’t serve them well.

  • Uncover why performance breakthroughs, thinking clearly and feeling good are linked.

  • Stay calm and clear in the face of challenges when others are not.

  • Bounce back from setbacks.

What's involved?

Participating in a series of online webinars. These will cover how experience works, where emotions come from, listening and its impact on relationships, what’s difficult about difficult people and how insights arise.


In between each webinar we’ll point you in the direction of useful videos and some light background reading. But please note these are optional, not mandatory!


The Programme’s purpose is to help you 'try on' an understanding of how the mind creates the experience you live in and see how it feels. It never prescribes what experience you should have, it simply describes how whatever you’re experiencing works.



What to expect?

  • You’ll be in an online conference from the comfort of your own home or coffee bar

  • Each webinar will contain small amounts of sharing from us followed by lots of questions and discussion

  • There’ll be some quiet moments and no doubt some funny ones too

  • The webinars are led by two facilitators who care passionately about growing your potential

  • Expect your level of self-awareness to grow and with it, potentially new answers to some familiar challenges

  • There are no tests, homework, skills, tools and techniques to learn.

  • No one in the webinars will be asked to speak if they choose not to. Listening in and making your own mind up is just fine.

  • Similarly, just for the avoidance of doubt, there’s no requirement to bare your soul or say anything you’d prefer to keep private. This is an educative series of webinars based on a philosophical and neuroscientific understanding of how the mind functions, it’s not an intensive therapy.

How to prepare and get the best out of it?

The best way to prepare is to come with an open mind, one that’s ready to explore and discover more about it were! 

When is the next Another Way Programme running?

We ran a number in 2017 and will be announcing more dates across 2018 soon. If you'd like to register your interest in advance so that we can let you know when these will be just complete the form below. 

Another Way

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