We coach individuals and senior teams.


Our work helps you transform the way you respond to business challenges. We help you join the dots between results, performance, behaviour, culture and mindsets and focus in on what you can influence most.   


We deliver tailor-made programmes for senior teams. Each addresses a challenge specific to your context and is designed to deliver breakthroughs teams can commit to. Our goal is to not only help you resolve a current problem but leave you equipped to be resourceful in the face of whatever may seem challenging in future too.   

No two programmes are the same, tailor-made means just that, our focus is on what will help you most when getting done that which proves difficult..and may have done for some time. We help teams respond to many different challenges and we've themed these below to illustrate the areas in which we work.

1. New Starts


When transitioning into a new senior role, forming new project teams and partnering with external organisations for the first time, discovering your own answers to questions like these help:

- What makes for an effective transition when so many different agendas and ways of working are in play?

- What strengthens trust and good working relationships swiftly?

- What’s the best way to notice, surface and eliminate unhelpful practices?

2. Turning Round Performance


Even the performance of really talented teams can falter.  Turn round attempts go more smoothly when you have clear answers to questions such as:

- What changes the behaviours that have hindered progress so far?

- What engages people to the point where they care deeply about a new way forward?

- How can momentum be sustained and the journey ahead feel enjoyable?

3. Transforming Team Cultures


Culture isn't something soft and fluffy as many think, it's integral to everything teams do. It produces an overall vibe or feeling about the way working practices happen. Some 'vibes' can be toxic or otherwise not conducive to high performance. Getting to the root of questions like these helps avoid this risk:

- What creates a culture in which being vulnerable signals strength, purpose is clear and feeling safe the bedrock of great performance?

- What accelerates the pace of culture change?

- What makes adaptive, new thinking and behaviour part of the new normal: "the way we do things around here?" 

4. Developing Tomorrow's Leaders


Building new business models, creating cultures people love being in and developing agile organisational structures that thrive in a digitised world, are the kind of challenges tomorrow’s leaders will face. Understanding how mindsets determine attitudes and behaviour helps them answer questions such as:

- What accelerates people’s potential to continuously learn and adapt?

 - What enables swift progress when change appears as problematic in teams?

- What does an engaged, high-performing team of tomorrow look and feel like?

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