Making small-but-high-impact change in project teams' cultures

The World-Class Project Culture Course

Find Out More Call

The find-out-more call is designed to help you get all your questions answered. 


We want you to be sure this course is right for you and you feel good about it before you sign up.


At this time when it’s vital to surface so many more of teams’ natural talents, and bring out their potential to perform at a higher level, we’re anticipating you might have questions about:    

  • The difference you can make to a culture. (It needn’t be as complex and out of reach as many think.)

  • A world-class culture. (It’s one of those ideas that can feel remote, for others, not you. But this needn’t be the case.)

  • What you will gain from the course (What we mean by small-but-high-impact changes.)

  • The methodology we use and where else we’ve used it. (Why we don't recommend tools and what makes our method different and new.)

  • Sharing your learning with your team.

  • What you can expect to achieve as a result of completing this course.

  • Bringing other members of your project team on the course.

  • The best way to prepare.

  • Us – who the course guides are, how we tick, our experience that kind of thing.

The call is on Thursday 17th December at 4PM. We look forward to seeing you then.

(Please note - if you can't make that date you can still register and we will send you a link to the recording of the call. Additionally, please email any questions you have to and we'll do our best to either cover them on the call or respond to you directly.) 

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