We called our business The Mindset Difference because we've seen profound changes in ourselves when long-established, out-of-sight thinking habits no longer hijack how we shape our reality. We've also had the privilege of witnessing our clients experience the same.


The net effect of this shift is natural qualities shine through where once they remained latent or buried. Roger has depicted how nine such qualities come to the fore in the short vlogs below.


Each was made to help launch our World-Class Leader Course and be posted on LinkedIn. If you'd like to see the full details of what that course consists of you can do so by clicking the button below.

Human Qualities That Change Your World

Vlog #1 - Resilience

Vlog #2 - Collaboration

Vlog #3 - Curiosity  

Vlog #4 - Courage


Vlog #5 - Innovation

Vlog #6 - Authenticity

Vlog #7 - Purpose

Vlog #8 - Compassion

Vlog #9 - Trust

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