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Change mindsets and attitudes. Transform results faster

Why This Course?

Millions have now experienced a pandemic. The Great Pause caused much reflection on what’s important.

There’s a new expectation in the air: “Building back better” or bolder as we prefer. And an important question: within your world what human qualities need bringing out to help you find new answers to the challenges an uncertain environment inevitably brings?

If qualities like Resilience, Courage and Collaboration spring to mind your trip towards crafting a world-class culture has already begun. They help you respond to:

  • Confusion: e.g. when team members see the problem to be solved and their role in solving it differently

  • Conflict: e.g. when colleagues that are conflicted or unclear on the way ahead can’t reach a solution they can believe in and implement

  • Silos: e.g. when direct reports bogged down in a silo mentality struggle to raise their level of commitment to the team and lose sight of the overall purpose

  • Resistance: e.g. when those who see end-user and stakeholder communities as resistant to change can’t effectively understand and connect with them in their terms

  • Misunderstanding: e.g. when funders of your work are blind to what benefits you can deliver with the resources available or have unrealistic expectations.

And so on..

Qualities such as Purpose, Compassion and Authenticity help you prevent recurring problems..

  • Not seeing the full picture: searching for more data and logic rather than explore the emotions that cause behaviour

  • Procrastinating: on tough decisions or falling into the no-decision-is-just-a-decision-by-default trap

  • Solutions that don't fit the problem: restructuring say only to find the underlying problem remains

  • Training: that's 'useful' but not transformative

  • Too many rules: believing changing others can only be done via rules, processes and enforced accountability

  • Panaceas: launching a particular construct or model – Lean, Agile, Efficiency, Digitalisation for example - and inadvertently bolstering the old rather than desired culture

  • Unintended consequences: delivering only temporary benefits and causing a compliance mentality, mixed messaging, potential disengagement etc.

Based on experience and research over many years you're not alone if you've experienced any of the above. Nor if you've wondered whether there must be another way.  

This course is focused on a faster, simpler way.

It shows you how your own and colleagues' qualities emerge naturally once mindsets change and new attitudes develop. It helps you lay the foundations of a culture that draws from what's known about world-class performance, but which is uniquely yours. It changes perspectives about how results transform.

Using a tried and tested, yet comparatively new approach that draws from a combination of philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, it provides you with a clear, insightful understanding of:  

What causes people to behave the way they do.

How we can get stuck in out-of-sight mindsets.

How attitudes shape what gets treated as 'real.'

We'll be exploring:

  • How culture is widely misunderstood and why Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is way more than a slogan

  • Why heeding this warning matters: “The main thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening”

  • The Culture Code: The Hidden Language of Highly Successful Groups and its relevance to you and the world you lead in

  • How the linkage between mindsets, attitudes and culture provides you with a new set of tools and options.

No matter whether you’re currently up against it and needing to turn a difficult situation around, or the future looks daunting and you want to maximise your chances of success, or you simply want to step up a gear from where you are now...

...this course helps you realise what..


A quick word about whether this course is for you

We'd understand if your reaction to what this prospectus offers is akin to 'talk of world-class is out of my reach,' or 'the obstacles I face are too daunting,' or 'problems can only be resolved if others change first,' or 'change takes a long time and is messy.'

Many people's thinking takes them here. And we encourage you to reflect on two observations we’ve made about mindsets...

In any situation the mindset you start from shapes where you end up. When any of us start from an it’s-not-possible position, we tend to be right!

To rule out best-in-class results for example overlooks the fact they're only known in hindsight. The road to achieving them begins once your curiosity about what brings out great performance in the 2020s is greater than your reasons for inaction.

...And attitudes

What holds colleagues back from making big changes is unlikely to be what you originally thought. Skills matter, of course, but the attitudes that accompany their deployment, which you directly or indirectly encourage as leader, matter more. The most talented team suffers in a culture not conducive to accomplishing great results, while under-performance can be turned around relatively quickly in one that is.

Often, inhibiting mindsets are all that stand in the way of leading the way towards a culture colleagues love being around and thrive in.  


How the course is structured

The course lasts 8 weeks and has 8 online sessions as shown below.

During the course you will also be a member of a private WhatsApp group in which you can ask questions and share insights as the course progresses.

The World-Class Leader Course

Week 0.jpg
A new way of learning.
The Human Operating System.
week 2.jpg
Freeing up the what-you-see-is-all-there-is mindset.
week 3.jpg
Seeing the mindsets others live from.
week 5.jpg
Vulnerability and courage in turn-around situations.
week 6.jpg
Prepping difficult conversations & turning points.
week 7.jpg
Creating a compelling
benefits-based narrative.
week 8.jpg
Telling the story of your direction of travel.
week 9.jpg
Reflections on attitudes to  world-class performance.

Pre-course preparation

Prior to Session 1 you will have access to a series of videos about mindsets and attitudes: what they are, why they're misunderstood and the characteristics found in a world-class culture.

You can watch a sample of one of these here.

What learning method is the course based on?

We’re using an experiential methodology that focuses on quantum leaps, not just small improvements to how you already lead. The video below explains why and how it differs from a conventional course.

Expect the pace of the course to be deliberately slow and relaxed. You'll see there's a good reason for this: our capacity to look at familiar challenges with fresh eyes soars when the mind isn’t busy or distracted by ‘mental noise.’

Who is the course for?

It's designed for senior leaders and those who set the cultural tone in a senior team and across organisations. Who shape people’s understanding of why an organisation, a function or large programme exists, and have a big influence on how it’s governed and what it delivers.  

You may be working at or 1-2 steps below executive level or play another significant change-lead role. For example, you may be leading or on the leadership team of a cross-functional programme - e.g. an IT or business transformation - or a cross-business programme such as the construction of a building or piece of infrastructure.

You're in a position of influence because others take their lead from you in how success is delivered, however you measure that.

One benefit of this course is the diversity of leaders participating in it and the range of challenges they overcome during it. Learning from the tutors’ experience will complement and enhance learning from peers.

We’re expecting between 6 and 20 participants per 8-week course.


Who is the course run by? 

We - Roger and Paul the Co-Founders of The Mindset Difference - are delighted to be joined by Kevin Parry, an experienced Programme Director, author and change leader, with international experience, and  who will take the lead in weeks six and seven.


biogs for 3.jpg

Booking your place

The next course begins of Feb 12th 2021 from 9am until 1pm.

The sessions thereafter are:

Feb 19th 9-11am

Feb 26th 9-11am

Mar 5th 9-11am

Mar 12th 9-11am

Mar 19th 9-11am

Mar 26th 9-11am

Apl 2nd 9-noon

The price is £1,650 +VAT with an early-bird discount of 20% if booked before Jan 29th 2021.

You can reserve your place on the next one by clicking the button below.

Tailor-made Programmes 

If you would like to know more about a world-class culture programme designed around the specific needs of you team as an alternative to participating in this course for individual leaders please contact us direct.

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