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Being At Your Best, Irrespective Of Circumstances



#1 - Why Being At Your Best Makes a BIG Difference

This video explores four questions we get asked frequently:

  1. What do we mean by being at your best?

  2. Can behaviour change quickly?

  3. How specifically does this help with challenging circumstances?

  4. Why are people sometimes at their best and sometimes not?

#2 - Why Being At Your Best Helps Teams

This video explores these four questions:

  1. How will this approach help my team?

  2. Is this a new set of behaviours a team has to learn?

  3. Difficult team members, I never feel at my best with them. How would this help?

  4. Does this mean I have to be soft?

#3 - Why Collaboration Is Both Difficult and Important In Challenging Circumstances 

This video explores these questions:

  1. How does being at your best help collaboration?

  2. Don’t people just decide to collaborate or not?

  3. Aren’t some people just difficult to collaborate with?

  4. Can collaboration work in every situation?

#4 - Why Being At Your Best Increases Your Influence 

This video explores these four questions:

  1. I’ve tried to influence behaviour in several ways. How is this different?  

  2. Some of my team don’t do what I tell them. They’re not influenced by an instruction; how will this help?

  3. I always ask questions and try to pitch well. How will this help?

  4. Some people are stuck in their ways and ideas. You’re not saying I can influence them are you?

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