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Healthy Disagreement
A new approach to resolving differences and helping teams be at their best
"The way teams disagree tells you everything you need to know about their potential to succeed. "
The Mindset Difference


Disagreements at work are inevitable. We humans naturally differ over the when, why, what, who and how of getting stuff done well.


We don't always disagree healthily though.


Taking issues personally, being overly competitive and believing 'that's just how it is around here' jeopardises high-value decisions and can derail major projects.  

Healthy disagreement circumvents these behavioural risks.

It helps teams turn round difficult, toxic situations by rebuilding trust and getting performance back on track.

It enables newly forming teams - those just beginning a project say - craft a culture that thrives on differences and brings out the best in people from the start.

Our bespoke consulting approach helps teams accomplish both. By uncovering and dissolving the often-hidden mindsets that inadvertently get in their way, teams find new, insightful solutions that are anything but same-old, same old.

See the article Roger was asked to write about his experiences of turning disagreements into opportunities for the Biz Catalyst 360 website, it's available here.

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