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Here's what you may find useful.

Sounding-board conversations


When you're in the midst of demanding times, it can help to talk things through. For our part we're keen you avoid two pitfalls it's so easy to fall into. First, jumping to action on the wrong problem. Second, doing that from an inner place that doesn't inspire you. Using us as sounding boards helps you get a little clearer. You'll also know whether we're the kind of people who can help you make a big difference or not. 

Short talks


The inner world of mindsets and their impact on how people feel and behave intrigues an increasing number of people. Especially since the pandemic and the energy to build back bolder is in the zeitgeist. Some, however, find the idea of looking within somewhat scary, and even not very business-y.


Short, interactive talks on topics relevant to your business, not only satisfy the curious but build trust in those carrying understandable concerns. They illustrate why looking within can be a liberating experience rather than a troubling one.

Tailor-made programmes for teams


The vibe in executive teams, newly forming teams, teams responsible for sales, projects, functional expertise, change and operational delivery will always fluctuate. When it needs to rise up several notches, to accomplish gains that might seem out of reach, we help by walking with team members through five relatively swift and simple steps.

1. Getting clear on what the challenge is and what it isn't.

2. Understanding the different ways people think about it.

3. Designing interventions to help remove the trains of thought that aren't helping.

4. Creating conditions for new thinking and innovative solutions to emerge.

5. Supporting as needed during implementation.  

One-to-one coaching programmes and retreats


Sometimes senior folk prefer to work on themselves away from their team. We understand that and are happy to talk through what might be the most conducive ways for you to make the progress you wish to make quickly. 

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