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Meet The Team

Paul O'Connell
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Roger Martin
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Hi, we’re Paul and Roger, the Co-Founders of The Mindset Difference.

What brought us together was a shared frustration about the number of occasions on which people's natural talents - to be resilient, creative and collaborative say - lay buried beneath unhelpful thinking. We have been, and remain avid students of what helps people, and leaders particularly, be at their best. Especially when pressures mount and challenges understandably loom large.  

Our independent and joint research led us to the conclusion that mindsets are key to understanding why we all behave as we do. They explain what gets in the way when people search for innovative solutions to some of their most stubborn challenges.

The problem is how mindsets form and transform is widely misunderstood.


We concluded a new approach was needed to overcome this. One that helps leaders and those around them see with clarity how mindsets can both enable and stifle successful change. From such clarity, helping people reconnect with what they're naturally good at - listening, authenticity, compassion say - becomes much easier. Such self-generated shifts in perspective make a big difference to what people feel and so how they behave; hence The Mindset Difference.

Our work is grounded in long-standing philosophical and psychological ideas, supported by more recent observations in neuroscience. We’ve made this incredibly simple to grasp and apply as many of the client testimonials on this website demonstrate. If we can help you too, it would be a privilege to do so. 

We're based in South West London and when we’re not doing the work we love, Paul can be found running, reading and on ski slopes. Roger enjoys walking the Pembrokeshire coastline and watching international rugby. 

Paul worked at the coal-face of the Technology Sector where he started as a consultant, moved into sales, sales management and then leadership positions running the UK or European operations of privately held US technology companies.


Roger earned his spurs on the front line of leadership, team and organisational development for over 25 years now. He has helped leaders in Construction, Media, Financial Services, Telecommunications, the NHS, and UK Government Departments across that time.

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