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"I love it when conversations just flow.

Not forced. Not Coerced. Just present."

Dau Voire - social media influencer


Since Nov 2020 we've hosted several online conversations for small groups of leaders. Curious about what helps them be at their best and make a difference they:

  • Enjoy going under the hood to explore the often-hidden mindsets in play in a variety of different business-related issues.

  • Welcome the opportunity to explore their own out-of-sight assumptions and see what new thinking emerges in a 'safe space.'


In September 2021 Series 3 begins.

Do complete the form below if you'd like to join us and receive regular invitations.

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A warm welcome awaits you.

Series 3 Topics (Sep 2021 - Jun 2022):

  • Building collaborative teams out of adversarial, silo mindsets.

  • Developing a strategy people believe in and are not indifferent to.

  • Crafting a culture people love being in from one they don’t.

  • Creating a vision that resonates and is platitude-free.

  • Seeing equality, diversity and inclusion with more compassion than impassion.

  • Delivering what’s ideal not just what’s expected.

  • Discovering radical, new answers rather than generating same-old, same-old solutions.

  • Finding clarity instead of feeling stuck when emotions are running high.

  • Being naturally resilient and not stressed out by challenging circumstances.

  • Being at your best rather than feeling overwhelmed when facing uncertainty.

Invites To
Conversations That Make A Difference

Thanks. Invites are sent c.10 days before each event.

In Series 2 (Mar 2021 - June 2021) we covered these topics:

  • Do leaders need more development or to just be at their best more frequently?

  • What can help achieve a prejudice-free workplace?

  • What helps me challenge someone without it feeling difficult?

  • Can I trust you if I delegate to you? 

  • How inspired are your colleagues by your vision?

In Series 1 (Nov 2020 - Feb 2021) we conversed about the following:

  • Making world-class team cultures a new norm.

  • Being collaborative even when views clash.

  • Getting off the problem-solving hamster wheel.

  • Making resilience the norm in uncertain times.

  • Is your 'perfect' sales pitch an authentic one?

  • One vision. One team. From silos to alignment.

Conversations That Make A Difference

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