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The culture in teams that deliver high-performance levels is not what you might think. Yes, team members need to be skilled at what they do, but culture refers to the atmosphere or ‘vibe’ they feel when deploying their talents.


The intention behind Conversations That Matter is to catalyse a transformation in how teams face challenging and uncertain circumstances. We’re inviting leaders to explore what makes a real difference. To uncover what enables teams to innovate,  be resilient and agile. In short we want to get people talking about the characteristics found in world-class team cultures. 

Collaborative conversations offer the promise of exploring important issues from several different viewpoints.


Unlike a debate, discussion or disagreement, they generate new possibilities that rarely emerge when working alone, or talking to yourself!


Expect to leave thinking ‘I hadn’t thought about it like that,’ and feeling clearer about what will work best in your context.


We’d love you to join us for one or more of our conversations.


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Tuesday, 3rd November - Completed

Making world-class team cultures a new norm

You’ve concluded a world-class team culture - that increases  confidence within a team and among those impacted by its work - seems difficult. Teams are inherently complex and involve too many open and hidden agendas. Conflicting interests are inevitable: that’s just the way it is. But what is a world-class culture and what starts it? Join us and other group members to explore what we’ve experienced in teams that consistently outperform expectations. 

Tuesday, 24th November - Completed

Being collaborative, even when views clash

Your team members are at odds. They’re motivated by different priorities and ideas on the best way forward. Clarity of purpose eludes them. They know working together is important, but instinctively compete when discussing resources and solutions to problems. Join us and the group to explore our experiences of keeping collaboration centre-stage even when it’s in jeopardy. 

Tuesday, 15th December, 10.00-11.30am  GMT

Getting off the problem-solving hamster wheel 

You’re wondering how many more times you’ll have to face the same recurring problem. It seems clear the incremental improvements you’ve already implemented had a limited shelf life. You’re not alone, problems like poor communication, staff engagement, and too-busy-to-think-straight are widespread. Join us and the group to explore our experiences of interrupting that going-around-in-circles feeling.   

Tuesday, 19th Jan, 10.00-11.30am  GMT

Making resilience the norm in uncertain times

Furlough schemes. Working from home. Social distancing. Economic uncertainty. These are uncertain times. Yet people can be remarkably resilient. Join us to explore what we and others in the group have discovered about resilience and agility, including how it comes and goes when facing a wide range of new and familiar challenges.

Tuesday, 2nd February, 10.00-11.30am GMT

Is your 'perfect' sales pitch an authentic one?

The waiting is over. It’s time to present your 'must win' bid to a client. The stories your team are telling themselves will determine whether they appear nervous, over-confident or authentic and how well they’ll connect with their audience. Join us to explore what we and others in the group have experienced when pitching and the role helpful and inhibiting mindsets play in that.     

Tuesday, 16th February, 10.00-11.30am  GMT

One vision. One team. From silos to alignment

Your team has just presented its vision to all their direct reports. This question came up in the Q&A: are you as one on this? While the answer was ‘yes,’ subsequent differences on what’s most important and a low vibe in meetings suggest ‘not really’ would have been more accurate. .  Sometimes teams are unaware of when they’re not pulling in the same direction and the impact this has. Discover what we and others in the group have noticed about innovative ways to turn silo mentalities into one-vision, one-team alignment.     

Tuesday, 9th March, 10.00-11.30am  GMT

Is a prejudice-free workplace possible?

Prejudice and its cousin, discrimination, has the potential to creep into many decisions. Recruitment. Promotion. Redundancy. Who gets to say what at meetings. And so on. They take many forms – racial, gender, age, sexual orientation, learning and physical disabilities and more. Policies, controls, and reporting make rooting them out costly.  On what are they based though? Is there another way? Join us and other members of the group to explore our experiences of what dissipates prejudice and discrimination. 

Conversations That Matter

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