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If Not This Then What?

Accelerating Potential To Collaborate And Innovate

The if-not-this-then-what question is in the zeitgeist after the 2020 pandemic. 

Innovative answers will solve several problems simultaneously and advance progress quickly.


But there are three pitfalls we want you to avoid: 

  • Misconceiving the challenges before you and delivering more-of-the-same solutions that don't have a wow-factor 

  • Misunderstanding the nature of potential and what holds it back

  • Letting pressure scupper collaboration when the going gets tough.

We're here to stand alongside you should these challenges appear. What we bring to the table is a new approach to innovating. 

We hope you find the resources below helpful.

Question Bank


The bank of questions below can stimulate useful reflection and discussion in teams. Insightful answers may not be immediately obvious, but if you let the questions percolate a while, without too much rumination, they will appear. 


Question Bank

Video Conversation


In this conversation we cover three topics:

  • The new context we're all now in - the differences we're noticing and their likely implications (lasts 10mins)

  • Learning and potential  - what they mean and why they're often misunderstood (starts at 10:20 and lasts 7m:40s)

  • The innovation vibe - what ignites this and its impact on speedy 'wow factor' solutions (starts at 18:00 and lasts 6m:20s.)  

The Written Word

Our take on why accelerating potential to innovate might be easier than you think is available for download here.


The document goes into more detail on what moves a team's vibe up and down. It explores the impact this has on their potential to learn and adapt. It also delves deeper into innovation. Especially why, in all innocence, teams have not been as effective at they can be, and why turning that around is more about neuroscience than rocket science! We also share some useful ways to engage people in thinking about accelerating innovation.    

Front Cover.png

Get in touch if exploring the following would be helpful:

  • Why potential and innovation have innocently become widely misunderstood and hold teams back, but needn't

  • What causes teams to produce temporary, small gains rather than solutions that resolve several problems simultaneously

  • The necessary conditions for potential and innovation to flourish

  • How teams get off on the right footing at the start of a project or create a fresh beginning if they're struggling

  • What enables and inhibits memorable, game-changing insights to suddenly appear.

Either drop us a message or ring direct on:

020 8720 9288

Accelerating Potential To Innovate is a collaborative initiate between 3 companies


We all specialise in a new, experiential approach to developing groups as they work to solve real challenges in real time. We're proud to play our part in helping leaders and teams become a force for good in this new world we're all now a part of.


Our fellow collaborators are Sarah Mathew from The Vibrant Company and Barry Holmes from Zoom Creates.  

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