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If I Knew Then What I Know Now - Title P

If I Knew Then

What I Know Now..

The Mindset Difference Podcast

Leaders are often perceived as not learning from their experience or speaking authentically. The aim of The Mindset Difference podcast is to change that perception.


We talk to leaders who are willing to share the sometimes-harrowing challenges they were up against. 


We explore what they thought at the time and how that shaped the approach they took. We delve into the insights they’ve had since and the lessons they draw for these. 


And we do so in the name of helping today’s and tomorrow’s leaders inspire their followers to achieving more than they might currently believe possible.


Episode #1 Strained project relationships in war-torn Sri Lanka


In this first episode we talk to Kevin Parry, a senior leader of programmes. His compelling story is one of strained client and team relationships on a vitally important programme he led in war-torn Sri Lanka. His insights on what he would have done differently are particularly helpful to any leader facing similar relational challenges.

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